Actress Who Used Billboard To Get Tyler Perry’s Attention Lands Acting Audition

Racquel Bailey, the actress who put up two billboards in Atlanta trying to get Tyler Perry’s attention for a job, says the stunt worked in hindsight because she landed an audition. 

In an exclusive with “TMZ Live,” Racquel revealed that despite the famed director semi-scolding her for the Billboards, she was still able to have a shot at auditioning for him. Racquel said Tyler’s team reached out to her and asked her to submit a tape. And of course, she did.

Racquel said that Tyler’s lecture didn’t faze her but if anything, lit a fire under her ass and was motivation to go harder in her audition tape. In Tyler’s Instagram response to Racquel, he shared that he had already seen her work. She appeared in 2 episodes of HBO’s “The Night Of”…and he liked her.

Racquel said, “Tyler Perry is one of the greatest filmmakers there ever will be. And as an actress… when he speaks, I should listen. And I would be a fool if I didn’t.”

Who else would be punching the air right now thinking about all of the money they’ve wasted?

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