Adidas Increased Donation To Black Communities After All Black Employees Went on Strike

A group of 200-plus black Adidas employees decided to protest until the company made changes to its “racist work environment,” according to Footwear news.

Adidas employees were demanding the company issue an apology “for the racism and discrimination that they have openly enabled and perpetuated,” as well as make a donation of $30 million to be invested into black communities. In response, the brand announced that it would be investing $20 million, as well as providing 50 scholarships a year for its Black employees. They also promised, 30 percent of all new hires would be Black or Latinx. But after the company offered $10M lower than asking and no such apology had been issued, an anonymous employee called the response “laughable” and said the ongoing protests would continue.

Sports journalist, Taylor Rooks, later tweeted that a “source” told her Adidas was upping their donation from $20M to $120M. The update was reportedly announced to employees Wednesday, at the brand’s headquarters in Portland. The company has still yet to issue the requested apology. Employees say they won’t return to work until they do.

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