Adult Themed Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you are in the spirit to party. We’ve got a list of cool Christmas Party ideas that are sure to make your adult-themed Christmas soirée a hit with all your party guests.

White Elephant- Perhaps the most popular of all Christmas party games, White Elephant keeps the gift exchange exciting by allowing for swaps. Each party guest will bring a prewrapped gift, and numbers are drawn to see the order of how the gifts are chosen. You can also ask guests to bring last year’s “worst” gift they received for a chance to offer it up in this year’s gift pool.

Dirty Santa- Another fun gift swapping game where you invite your guests to bring a gift a little more naughty than nice and something that’s sure to make some blush or squeal with wild delight, then guests pick a box and have fun unwrapping their presents at the party and even more fun unwrapping it again later at home.

Jello Shot Christmas Tree- Okay, so this one is not so much a game as a challenge. Can you and your friends conquer this boozy Christmas tree?

How Many Ornaments- At the beginning of the night, have each guest guess the number of ornaments on the tree for a clever take on the classic “candies-in-a-jar” game. Write down guests’ names and their number guesses on pieces of paper, and award the person with the closest correct guess a prize at the end of the night.

Jingle Bells Toss- This one is a beer pong-cornhole type hybrid. The party game consists of hot-gluing cups to a board and tossing bells or small Christmas ornaments into them to score.

Christmas Trivia Game- Make up a list of Christmas Themed Trivia questions and have guests sit around and ask each player questions. The player with the most correct answers wins a prize at the end, or the players who answer questions incorrectly could be forced to take a shot.

“Elf” Movie Drinking Game-This game combines two of our favorite things: Christmas movies and Christmas cocktails. So turn on Elf and play along, but remember to drink responsibly!

Festive Christmas Attire Contest-We all know about the “ugly sweater” Christmas theme, but what about having guests wear a Santa hat or beard or have them make their own festive party attire using Christmas decorations and offer a prize to the most festively dressed party goer.

Christmas Carol Karaoke or “Deck the Aux” -Even if you don’t have a Karaoke machine, this sing-along party game can be fun as guests challenge others to see if they remember the words to their favorite Christmas carols, or you can even invite guests to have their best Christmas themed playlist ready to impress others.

And don’t forget to infuse! There are some other interesting ideas for those of you who aren’t afraid to get higher than the North Pole.

Look out for 420 based Christmas treats like cookies, cakes, and even CBD-infused cocktails and drinks like coquito to help keep your party guests merry and full of holiday cheer.

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