Airbnb To Cover Funeral Expenses For Orinda Shooting Victims

Airbnb has announced it will pay funeral expenses for the five victims of the Orinda shooting, as well as cover counseling bills for their families. The gesture comes after a victim’s lawyer blasted the company’s response to the Halloween massacre at one of its California rental properties.

In a statement, Airbnb said it has set aside funds for funeral expenses and counseling for the victims’ families and has been in contact with Jesse Danoff, the lawyer representing the family of one of the victims, Raymon Hill Jr. Danoff issued a statement Thursday in response to Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky’s recent tweets saying the company is “working to support” the families and neighbors impacted by the tragedy.

Danoff said his law firm “wants the public to know that in no way has Airbnb done anything to support the family of Mr. Hill.” He claims the family asked Airbnb to cover funeral expenses, but got no response. “They haven’t even reached out to apologize,” Danoff said in the statement. “They have merely responded in public with platitudes and thoughts and prayers or have made nebulous promises to ‘do better’ and ‘improve trust.’”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Airbnb is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the shooter and is cooperating with police. Shortly after Danoff issued his statement, Airbnb called to allegedly apologize to Danoff and offer the funds.

Danoff said, “This is a reactionary statement.” And despite the company’s offer, Danoff said his law firm, Mitchell, will sue Airbnb for negligence that caused “a grave and serious risk to life.” “We’re looking to have the family compensated for what was a senseless death of their family member,” Danoff said.


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