AirPop’s Active+ Introduces Smart Mask; Will Track Breathing, Monitor Air Quality And More

AirPop’s Active+ has developed a Smart Mask that will track your breathing, the air quality around you, and more.

What do you get when you mix a Fitbit and a face mask? You get AirPop Active+’s new Smart Mask, of course. Just like Fitbit, the Smart Mask checks into your health, but specifically regarding your breathing and how clean the air is that you’re intaking. This all comes as face masks have become a part of our everyday lives living in the ever-growing Covid-19 pandemic. 

The mask works with a sensor that AirPop calls the Halo, which measures your breathing rates and monitors the filter installed in the mask, Digital Trends reports. The filter blocks any dust, allergens, and particles, and once the filter has reached its lifespan, it will send an alert to an app on your phone letting you know it’s time to change it out. 

The application includes information on pollutants the mask has blocked, how long you’ve been wearing it, your breaths per minute, the volume of air it’s passed through, and more. In addition, the mask will let the wearer know about environments that have cleaner air. AirPop states the mask filter will remove 99.3% of particles and 99.9% of bacteria.

The application will be available for both iPhone and Android users. Digital Trends reports that the mask will cost $150 when it is released in January 2021. The $150 price includes four filters, which work for 40 hours of effective filtration. The mask comes in colors white, black, and bright lime green. Each replacement filter costs $25. 

AirPop’s Active+ Smart Mask
AirPop’s Active+ Smart Mask

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