Akbar V Starts Twitter Drama With DaniLeigh; "Baby You Are Not Black"

Akbar V Starts Twitter Drama With DaniLeigh; “Baby You Are Not Black”

Recently DaniLeigh has been receiving backlash all over the internet and now she is receiving hateful comments after she tweeted that she was 40% West African.

Just yesterday, rapper Akbar V took to Twitter to express her feelings and opinions about DaniLeigh. She wrote, “Also @DaniLeigh I want to tell you baby you are not black no matter how many black wigs u let them put on you baby just be yourself damn and keep making vibe songs for us ….no matter how many black penis u fuck u are not black ok thank u ms yellow world.”

Shortly after, the two ladies continued the drama back and forth on Twitter. In response, DaniLeigh strapped up her petty boots and wrote, “Fasho… keep making music I’ll never hear.”

For some reason Akbar decided to stick her nose where she had no business, speaking on things she knew nothing about. She wrote, “I’m more talented than u only thing is u sign I’m not now let’s talk bout them 360s u in see the difference between me and u I’ll literally beat ur racist ass and not have no remorse I’m not meme ho although she will beat u too.”

DaniLeigh came with a clap back instantly, “I’m not even in a 360 deal dumb ass why u talking like u know me??? U don’t.”

But it didn’t end there, Akbar had time, she continued taunting DaniLeigh, “Bitch don’t get besides yourself u a one hit wonder oops u didn’t even go platinum do u want to fight though.”  However, Dani had time too, she tweeted back, “My love I got a double-platinum, platinum, gold, a number one written song .. do ur research before u come talking bout shit U don’t know! Why would I wanna fight? Ima grown ass woman.”

But wait THERE’S MORE: the drama continued as Akbar started commenting on DaniLeighs appearance, she wrote, “Cause u are sad case u would never be kehlani big bird looking bitch that’s why u call yourself yellow bone.” DaniLeigh continued to keep her composure by responding, “Lol I don’t wanna be anyone but myself … stay in the studio vs being nosy and maybe you will catch one! Have a great day.”

Akbar was not trying to ease up off Danileigh, she had more to say, with clap backs coming left and right. She said, “First y’all steal our men, steal our wigs, steal our swag before you no it y’all done stole our culture @DaniLeigh now i ask u again do we have a problem ms. Yellowbone cause bitch ain’t nobody listening to u baby u would never be herr, kehlani, Ella mae or even close.”

Honestly, I think Akbar is taking this a little personally because what did DaniLeigh ever do to her? If you scroll through Akbar’s Twitter you can clearly see that sis was trolling, she wouldn’t stop coming for Dani.

Eventually, Akbar gave a sarcastic apology, tweeting, “We proud of u fir going platinum but bitch u still nit black @DaniLeigh now iiiiiiii hi nananny booo boo.”

The two ladies basically gave promo to both of their albums, listing whom they both had features with. Things seemed to be going in the right direction but that didn’t last long.

After DaniLeigh gave props to Akbar and said that she was proud of her album, Akbar went all the way left, tweeting, “Thank u Suh now like i said i want u to stop color shaming cause i really wasn’t being funny u started the sing then started with i don’t give a fuck altitude we are really black my black women go threw enough for u to make fun of it or a nonchalant altitude so i want u to stop.”

DaniLeigh replied, “I never intended to make fun of anyone… as artist people will take ur words and interpret them how they want .. I now know .. yellow bone is what he want .. wasn’t the right thing to say.. but I wasn’t saying it to shame someone .. especially they color.”

In response, Akbar said, “So why have the non chalant altitude is what I’m saying we blacks go threw a lot to even hear a song like that this go back to Harriet Tubman and our other black ancestors Suh wouldn’t have took that song so well I’m not a pick and choose bitch I’m for wats right.” DaniLeigh replied, “I didn’t even put that song out. My attitude ain’t “nonchalant” about it .. that was almost a month ago and I apologized for it … and took accountability .. what else u want me to do?? Stop wearing wigs? Start liking white men?? Tf .”

Akbar felt as though DaniLeigh should apologize to all black women, she tweeted, “I think an apology to all black women you offended would be more nice than u acting like u don’t care cause that’s how we took it so when u did try to apology it was hard for us to accept it.” She replied, “I ain’t bringing this back up cause Ima never win .. I know my heart and who I am and what I stand for .. I am sorry but I did apologize .. and y’all feel I don’t care is bc u don’t like me already so I’ll personally give u a sorry . But yeah I’m out have a good life.”

Shortly after Akbar just wanted Danileigh to know that she wasn’t trying to bully her and that it was all love. She tweeted,  “Now that you said it’s a sincere apology ima get back with the black women u offended and ask them is it ok if i sat we forgive u … even though i forgave u Suh I’m just telling u it was hard to accept it cause the idgaf comment came before the apology @DaniLeigh but it love.” She added, “I’m not bullying her either @DaniLeigh if u felt bullied i apologize I’m just does king up for my black culture.”

Before calling the whole back and forth drama quits, Akbar decided to throw one last jab at DaniLeigh by posting a photo comparing her to Big Bird.


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