Akon Defends Kanye West Despite Praise Of Hitler And The Nazis [Video]

Akon Defends Kanye West Despite Praise Of Hitler And The Nazis [Video]

Akon has found himself in a bit of hot water with the public after publicly speaking out in defense of Kanye West during an interview.

The singer sat down with Sky News, defending Kanye’s right to his beliefs and expressing them, no matter how anyone else feels about them.

The singer says yes when the host asks if Akon will continue to back Kanye despite his controversial comments, but it doesn’t mean he agrees with what Ye said. The rapper recently came under fire for making antisemitic comments and praising Hitler and the Nazis. 

“I’m a backer of the right to believe what you want to believe,” Akon responds. “Now, the day me and him have a conversation, I will give him my point of you on why I disagree. 

Akon explains that he would give Ye his point of view, and then it becomes his job to try and understand where Ye is coming from. He emphasizes that communication is essential. 

“Communication is always the key,” he continues. “Sometimes we block that out, and you never can get anywhere if you’re not communicating. 

The host asks Akon if Kanye’s offensive comments trouble him, which he says they don’t.

“Not really, because those comments don’t really affect me personally,” the “Locked Up,” singer tells her. 

Akon’s nonchalant attitude about Kanye controversial remarks did not sit well with people, forcing him to defend himself.

“I clearly do not agree with Kanye’s remarks about Hitler,” he tweeted. “I am simply saying that everyone should have the right to their own opinion. Doesn’t mean we will always agree.”


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