Al B. Sure Gives An Update About His Health After Spending Two Months In A Coma

Al B. Sure Gives An Update About His Health After Spending Two Months In A Coma

Al B. Sure gives his fans an update on his health after being hospitalized in a two-month coma.

On Friday, the r&b singer posted a selfie on Instagram and shared an update about his health. Al says he realized that the hole in his neck from having a tracheostomy, has “completely closed.”

“That moment when I get home and look into the mirror for the 1st time minus the bandages to discover that the massive hole in my neck from the tracheostomy has completely closed,” he wrote in the caption. “Finally. Not too long ago I can remember simply attempting to speak and only the sound of “gurgling air pockets” would come through!”

In July, Al collapsed while in the studio and was transported to the hospital. The singer spent two months in a coma and received an organ transplant and blood transfusions. He also suffered extensive surgeries, sepsis, and was intubated and had lymph nodes removed along with a handful of painful and life-threatening procedures.

In a recent interview with Fox 5 New York, Al revealed for the first time that he received a liver transplant as well.

“I have what’s called a Chevron, and that’s when they cut your chest open. It’s probably the first time I’m ever talking about it. I’m the recipient of an amazing, blessed liver,” he says. “And I’m going to treat it well.”

Since his recovery, Al is now preparing to release new music and work on an autobiography about his life.

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