Al B. Sure! Gives Health Update: "I’m alive, awake, and on the mend"

Al B. Sure! Gives Health Update: “I’m alive, awake, on the mend”

In a post on social media over the weekend, Albert Joseph Brown IV, the son of R&B legend Al B. Sure!, revealed that his father had been hospitalized for two months and has since recovered.

“I’m much better and ready to get back on my sh*t! It’s time to get the f*ck up pop!! We got sh*t to do!!!! And countries to visit! Thank you for all the concerns and worries about my family! Today is my day, but this is for my pops! All I want for him is to get out of that f*ckin’ hospital!! We need you, big homie!!”

The icon broke his Twitter silence on Halloween in response to prior claims that he was in a coma.

“A very humble thank you for the prayers, my 107.5 WBLS family. I’m alive, awake, [and] on the mend. Submissively grateful! … I’ll share more of my health experience soon to encourage us all to stay on top of our health and wellness.”

Al B. Sure! has been updating his fans and supporters on his status for some time now, detailing a”gallbladder issue, blockage, toxic internal problems, and his struggle with his weight,” Yahoo News reports. He uploaded a video of the tubes being taken out of his abdomen in 2020. He recently sent a message to his fans and supporters while sharing a picture of his hospital stay.”“Grand rising …I’dd first like to say a very humble thank you for the prayers, positive thoughts, and well wishes as I go through this medical journey. Waking up daily to monitors, wires, and machines keeping you stable is a new experience. I have a very humbling, newfound respect for the nurses, RNs, and doctors that are on the frontline… around the clock making certain that all is well””

In the meantime,let’ss continue to keep the R&B icon in our prayers. Wedon’tt need any more tragic news to end the first week of November.


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