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University of Kansas student sentenced

Albert N. Wilson Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison By All White Jury For A Rape That Allegedly Never Happened

A college student has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for rape, despite the act never happening.

Back in September 2016, former University of Kansas college student #AlbertNWilson visited a popular college bar called Jayhawk Café with his friend. While there, Wilson met a woman who was visiting a family member who attended the college. At the time, Wilson was 20, and the girl was 17.

In order to get into the bar, Albert Wilson used his friend’s ID; the girl and her cousin weren’t carded at all. Wilson and the girl ended up going back to Wilson’s apartment. That night led to Wilson being sentenced to 12 years in prison with a lifetime of probation and a mandatory sex offender for events that allegedly never happened, according to Wilson. 

Wilson said the two did go back to his apartment, but sex never happened, only kissing. Both parties said they met while on the dancefloor at the bar. Wilson allegedly lifted the girl’s skirt and touched her while they kissed. Soon after, Wilson invited the girl back to his place, which was walking distance from the bar. Neither Wilson nor the woman asked for one another’s age. The alleged victim said Wilson raped her, but Wilson said that wasn’t true. “She didn’t seem intoxicated at all,” said Wilson. Wilson says the two kissed and performed other sexual acts, but sex never happened. According to Kansas Bureau of Investigation scientists testified that Wilson’s DNA was found on the girl’s chest — where he said he kissed her — but no seminal fluid or DNA was found. Following the incident, a nurse collected swabs from the girl, and photos were taken of her inner thighs. During the trial, Wilson maintained his innocence and explained why he initially told police he didn’t remember what happened at his apartment.

“I don’t know how to explain this, but I come from a different background than you, ma’am,” said Wilson, who is black to Judge Sally Pokorny, who is white. “… I just felt like the police [were] against me at that point.” Wilson has no criminal record, earned his associates degree from a community college before transferring to KU. After six hours, an all-white jury convicted Wilson of rape. Wilson was given the reported “lowest end of what’s called for by Kansas sentencing guidelines for rape.” Video surveillance showed the two engaging with each other on the dancefloor, and only stayed at Wilson’s apartment for five minutes before returning to the bar.

Now the nation is in an uproar, demanding justice for Wilson. People are not questioning why rapists like #BrockTurner received lighter sentences.

University of Kansas student sentenced
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  1. These articles by black media think they are clever by ignoring the facts surrounding this story and including some black women defense of this black man. This is an old tactic, that black men has always used when accused of raping white women and they have convinced people that white women is falsely accusing them of rape however their rapey lusts of white women everywhere tells another story. Actions speak louder than words. I believe this white girl and all the others were telling the truth that black men are sexually preying on them. Included is a list of all the lies that black men has currently circulating about black women. Tell me these things are not demonic and cruel and in keeping with the same behavior, that they are towards white girls and women.
    □ Black women and little girls who are raped should have known
    □ Black little girls and women wanted to be raped. They’re all thots
    □ Black women swirlers are getting HIV from white men
    □ Black men don’t have any children
    □ Black women have more out of wedlock children than black men
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    □ Black women looks, behavior, condition are the reason black men are with nonblack women
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    □ Black women weaves are destroying the black community
    □ Interracial children on welfare are by black women with white men
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    □ Black women are ungrateful
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    □ Nonblack women are just better than Black women
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    □ Black women lack proper hygiene
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    □ Black women think they own people
    □ Black men dont owe Black women nohing (not respect, not what we pay for, not honesty, not dignity, not humanity, not safety, not protection)
    □ Black women want to live in Black mens ghettos

    IF YOU can get through the list without being sick (and there is more not listed) these are the vile lies black men are saying everyday online and off line But we’re supposed to believe black men are telling us the truth about white women falsely accusing them of rape and that white men are just being racist.

    • Are you even black? If so, you have a lot of self-hatred for yourself. Considering that one of the individuals responsible for your very existence may very well be black. To add, I in fact am not nor want to be. I am an Asian American man who is NOT blind to the injustices occurring in this country. If you believe the judicial system is not set up to see that black people (not just the men) do not succeed then you are gravely mistaken.

      • KMB you are so right. This system is rewarding itself for convictions over the truth and when the judge, the prosecutor and the police have all formed a triage against the accused, we are doomed.

  2. #1 Serial rapists do not leave seminal fluids. They have learned to adapt to changing medical science. A lot of men are boasting that rape can’t be proven without semen but it still can. Rape kit also include examination for penetration and other fluids not just seminal fluids. To me, these men are suspiciously rapiey themself and rapists enabler. They want these men to get away with it.

    #2 He basically admitted aggressive sexual behavior by saying “I don’t know how to explain this, but I come from a different background than you, ma’am,” EXACTLY! 63% of black girls are raped by age 18. That means less than 40% of black women exist who have NOT been RAPED by black MEN. Black men are use to raping black girls and getting away with it. It is normalized. This IS normal behavior for predatory black men.

    • Idk where you get your statistics from but i can assure that you are definitely wrong. According to the 2017 fbi crime statistics white men are almost 3x as likely to rape anybody at 73% with black men coming in at a whopping 28%. Just like most crimes listed by the FBI white folks simply commit way more crimes.

  3. Skip, You wasted your time typing that.. That has to be the dumbest comment Ever!! I’m so mad I invested time into reading it! I’m now dumber for reading it!!

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