Alec Baldwin Says He Feels No Guilt Over Rust Shooting: “I Might Have Killed Myself If I Thought I Was Responsible"

Alec Baldwin Says He Feels No Guilt Over Rust Shooting: “I Might Have Killed Myself If I Thought I Was Responsible”

Following the tragic accidental death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, Alec Baldwin claims he never pulled the trigger on the gun that killed her.

According to Baldwin, he was just following her instructions to point the rifle towards her, oblivious to the fact that the chamber was loaded.

He claims that he aimed the gun at her, cocked it, and let go of the hammer, and the gun went off. He said he didn’t pull the trigger once.

According to Assistant Director Dave Halls, he defended that Baldwin’s finger was never on the trigger.

The only problem, according to Baldwin, is how live ammunition got into the gun’s chamber. He claims he was told it was an “empty gun.”

Baldwin claims he didn’t realize for 45 minutes to an hour that Halyna had been hit by a live round when the gun fired. He concluded that Halyna had been struck by wadding, commonly found in blanks.

Medics, unfortunately, took too long to get Halyna to the hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

According to Baldwin, he was informed that Halyna had died by the Sheriff. When Baldwin called his wife to inform her what happened, he was photographed outside on the phone.

Baldwin claims that George Clooney made problems worse by saying that he always checked a gun on set. It was clear that Clooney irritated Baldwin. He claims he’s always trusted the specialists on set to determine whether a pistol was safe.

He doesn’t believe that the live ammo on set was sabotage unlike lawyer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. Instead, he believes it was an accident.

Baldwin says that he is now suffering nightmares and isn’t sure he wants to continue making movies.
It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to him, he claims. He claims to feel so much sadness and anger, but not guilt. He said that if he had felt guilty, he would have committed suicide.

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