Sandy Hook Victims' Families Vote to Liquidate Alex Jones' Estate to Collect $1.5B
WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT - SEPTEMBER 21: InfoWars founder Alex Jones speaks to the media outside Waterbury Superior Court during his trial on September 21, 2022 in Waterbury, Connecticut. Jones is being sued by several victims' families for causing emotional and psychological harm after they lost their children in the Sandy Hook massacre. A Texas jury last month ordered Jones to pay $49.3 million to the parents of 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, one of 26 students and teachers killed in the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. (Photo by Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images)

Texas Judge Rules Alex Jones Cannot Use Bankruptcy to Avoid $1.1 Billion Payment to Sandy Hook Victims’ Families

A Texas judge has ruled that Alex Jones can’t use bankruptcy to avoid paying $1.1 billion to the families of Sandy Hook victims.

This ruling signifies another significant obstacle for Alex Jones, who has been legally held accountable for spreading false information regarding the Sandy Hook shooting.

Despite filing for bankruptcy with a $14 million net worth claim, U.S. District Judge Christopher Lopez denied protection, citing “willful and malicious” actions.

“The families are pleased with the Court’s ruling that Jones’s malicious conduct will find no safe harbor in the bankruptcy court,” said Christopher Mattei, a Connecticut lawyer for the families. “As a result, Jones will continue to be accountable for his actions into the future regardless of his claimed bankruptcy.”

According to the AP, Alex Jones promoted a false conspiracy theory about the Sandy Hook shooting, where 26 people died in 2012. He claimed financial trouble and requested support from his audience by shopping on his Infowars website.

According to his monthly financial reports in the bankruptcy case, Jones’ personal spending topped $93,000 in July, including thousands of dollars on meals and entertainment.

More Sandy Hook families are suing Alex Jones, with the potential for the owed amount to increase. A trial date for one of these cases is yet to be set.

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