Aljermiah’ Nuke’ Mack Sentenced to 17 Years In Nine Trey Case

Aljermiah ‘Nuke’ Mack Sentenced to 17 Years In Nine Trey Racketeering Case

Just four months after Anthony ‘Harv’ Ellison and Aljermiah ‘Nuke’ Mack were convicted in a federal racketeering trial, the judge has handed down a sentence.

On February 24, Judge Paul Engelmayer, the judge presiding over Tekashi69’s case, sentenced Aljermiah Mack to 17 years in prison, despite the state’s request for three decades.

Mack and Ellison were convicted on October 3, after three days of testimony from former Nine Trey Blood Gang member, 6ix9ine. Though the two were convicted of racketeering charges, both managed to avoid additional firearms convictions. But, Ellison was still convicted of kidnapping the disgraced rapper, after he described being abducted and robbed at gunpoint on the stand. At the same time, Mack picked up a conviction for conspiracy to distribute narcotics.

On Monday, Engelmayer revealed his decision to forgo the 30-year sentence and instead hand down 17 years.

“This is a case I know extremely well, having presided over the trial, Mr. Mack,” Engelmayer said, according to Inner City Press. “I’ve given a lot of thought as I hope is obvious. Your crime is serious. You played a significant role in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, which did a lot of damage.”

“In April 2018, you robbed Roland Martin, aka Ro Murder – you pulled a gun on him and robbed a Range Rover and a Rolex. Then Nine Trey associates shot at you. When you pull a gun on a violent gang leader, you are asking for mayhem to break out.”

“As a drug dealer, you caused a lot of damage to society. It’s lost to history what happened to downstream users you impaired. This gang was taken down after a death threat was made on the life of Daniel Hernandez. General deterrence is key here,” he said, as he continued to detail Mack’s crimes. “Had you been sentenced today based on a guilty plea, your sentence would have been three to four years shorter. Remember that. If you get caught again, reflect on that when you decide whether or not to plead guilty.”

“Mr. Mack, it could have been a great deal worse. Please rise. It is the judgment of the court; you are to serve a sentence of 204 months. That is 17 years,” the judge said, adding, “You may not interact, including on social media, with any gang member. And you owe $200.”

Ellison’s sentencing has been postponed to April 1.

ALjermiah Mack

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