All Star Weekend Casualty: Chris Bosh’s Wife Got Piped By Lil Wayne

Sunday night Lil Wayne hosted “LIV on Sunday” All Star Weekend edition at Stereo Live in Houston, Texas. It was also a celebration of Birdman’s birthday so tons of celebrities were in attendance: Victor Cruz, Desean Jackson, Drake, J Cole, Meek Mill, MGK, all of Young Money and so many more. . Sentimental ish aside, Weezy felt this would be the perfect time to make a public service announcement, and what an announcement it was!


“If you’re wondering why you didn’t see me at the All Star Game,” Weezy began his rant, “It’s because I was banned from attending all NBA events. The Miami Heat got me banned.” You may remember last week when Lil Wayne was escorted out of a Heat game for cheering for the Lakers. Allegedly being kicked out of the game was just the beginning and now Lil Wayne is officially blacklisted from the NBA. Ouch! That’s not the worst part though. Before leading the crowd in a “F*** NBA!” chant, Lil Wayne decided to say one last thing, “F*** NBA! F*** Lebron! F*** SheWade! F*** Chris Bosh! And I f***ed Chris Bosh wife!”


Not only did the East take an L during the All Star game. Not only are screen shots of Chris Bosh giving Chris Paul the bedroom eyes floating around the net, NOW he has to hear about his wife being one of Lil Tunechi’s jumpoffs!

…and in case you don’t believe me:


Of course, video is coming soon but until then…



Look Bosh in his face, he ain’t got no worries!

For now watch the first half of Wayne’s rant:

Full rant:

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