Alleged Attackers Of YBN Almighty Jay Arrested For Unrelated Crime By Federal Officials

The same men police believe are responsible for the violent attack of rapper YBN Almighty Jay have now been arrested for an unrelated crime.

According to TMZ, Zae Numbafive and three others, who are known together as the Jack Boyz, were taken into custody in the Bronx on Wednesday. The arrests reportedly stem from a previous ongoing investigation. Police said the four men were allegedly behind the shooting of an off-duty cop from the New York Police Department. 

They are now being charged with attempted murder in the aid of racketeering and firearms-related charges and were also questioned about the robbery and stabbing of Jay. Jay was attacked twice in the same day; the first attack was recorded. The second attack, which also included the robbing of the rapper’s jewelry, resulted in lacerations on his head and 300 stitches. 

Zae Numbafive has denied involvement in the alleged attack and robbery. However, jewelry resembling Jay’s Rap-a-Lot chain appeared in Zae’s music video “Traumatized.”


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