Alleged Victims’ Families Of YNW Melly Case Say He Should Remain In Prison Despite COVID-19 Diagnosis

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YNW Melly and his team have been fighting for the rapper to be released from prison due to serious concerns regarding his COVID-19 diagnosis, but his alleged victims’ families believe he does not deserve early release.

In new docs obtained by TMZ, Christopher Thomas, who is family to one of the alleged victims, raised concerns as he says he fears Melly will be a threat to him and other witnesses upon release. Attorneys representing Anthony Williams, another alleged victim, also note that Williams’s family does not agree with Melly’s early release either.

“While our firm and the family of Anthony Williams’ sympathize with anyone affected by COVID-19, we do not believe this justifies pretrial release. He needs to remain in custody until a jury decides his fate,” says Williams family attorneys Steinger, Greene & Feiner.

According to TMZ, John Phillips, who is the lawyer representing the Thomas family, has made mention of the pain that has been experienced as media companies continue to highlight “the horrific retelling of the murder.” Melly is currently sitting in a Florida jail awaiting trial for a double murder case. The rapper rose to fame thanks to the help of songs such as “Murder On My Mind” and “Two-Face,” which are believed to contain lyrics referring to the murder and witnesses.

YNW Melly Drove Around With Bodies

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