Allen Iverson Sexed His Wife & Now Wants Divorce Thrown Out

In a heavily orchestrated plan to avoid divorce Allen Iverson did what any desperate man would do, sleep with his soon to be ex-wife. 


Iverson filed a motion last week on his pending divorce, claiming that he and his estranged wife Tawanna have recently had sex and are working towards reconciling so her petition is null and void. He says they’ve been living together, carrying on a relationship and all between  the dates of November 2011 to February 2012 so the marriage isn’t “broken” and the judge should throw out the case. TMZreports that it’s unclear if Iverson actually wants to get back together with Tawanna — the former NBA player’s legal move might simply be an attempt to delay paying support.


Look Allen, I love you but you gotta let it go! The relationship is broken. Like every woman does at some point, we try to make it work….and it didn’t. It is clear and obvious when Tawanna was asking for the names and numbers of everyone you slept with that she is serious about getting this divorce. This definitely was a clever way to get the divorce thrown out though. Hopefully Tawanna doesn’t fall for the okie-doke again and hops off that magic stick before she loses her case!

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