Alvin Kamara Exposes Student's DM After He Used Racial Slur

New Orleans Saints Player Alvin Kamara Exposes High Schooler Who Called Him the N-Word via DM

Play stupid games, and win stupid prizes.

New Orleans Saints player  Alvin Kamara has never been one to mince words or compromise his morals or values, and Tuesday evening was no different.

On Sunday, just two days earlier, Kamara put on a show for the Nola fans, securing 194 yards on 23 carries and six catches. It was also a career-high mark in a victory after the team defeated Geno Smith and the Seahawks, 39-32.

After the much-needed win and stellar performance, many took to social media to congratulate the baller. But, one fan, in particular, took the celebratory messages a little too far, as he believed his message would never be seen.

Unfortunately for him, Kamara did see the message and subsequently plastered it on his social media account for the world to see.

“Good game N*gg*,” the user wrote, to which Kamara replied, “If I snapshot this and send it to your head coach at Hokes, what happens.”

The user retracted his statement and begged the running back to forgive him.

“My bad. I didn’t think you actually received these I am a huge fan I have had you every year in fantasy,” he said. “My bad brother. I’m a huge fan. I love watching you play I have liked you since you went to Bama that time.”

But Kamara was not amused.

“I don’t care. Do you use that word at school,” Kamara asked, to which the student responded, “Nah.”

“It’s not in my vocabulary, I don’t know why I said it here,” he continued.

Kamara tagged the user, Dane H, and his school, Hokes Bluff high school, with the caption, “when social media goes wrong.”

“No man sorry I should have said it my bad won’t happen again,” Dane said, adding, “But after careful consideration, you have earned a roster spot on my team. Congrschooler’satulations son.”

Kamara then posted the conversation, after which Dane claimed to have learned from his actions. But by then, the damage had already been done.

While most commended Kamara for defending himself against the racist remark, others called him out for “ruining a student’s life.”

“Alvin Kamara a legend for this,” one wrote, to which another responded,” Great job to Alvin Kamara for ruining a high schoolers life.”

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Unfortunate that people use ignorance as an excuse, Kamara did not ruin his life, he has to be responsible for his own actions and the consequences that follows. Had he not chose to use the N-word, this conversation would not be up for comments. That is why the old saying is still valid today” Think before you speak” once it is said you cannot take the words back, no matter how many times you say “Sorry” I did not mean it.

  2. Our race has been under attack forever and in an age where we will stand up! People want a man to be forgiving. The other cheek stuff is played out! So, Don’t be sorry be careful!

    • I hear it used all the time by black men towards other black men and it is widely accepted. Why is it ok sometimes but not in this case? Because he has $? Because he is famous? Seems like a dbl standard to me. Yes. I’m white. Someone please explain. And yes, he did irreparable damage to a young man’s life. He is a kid. He said something before thinking. Not the worst thing a young kid has ever done. But as a ‘former’ Alivin Kamara fan, we all see you now dude. Karma has a way of paying ppl back. Good luck with that Alvin.

  3. He may have saved his life. saying that word to the wrong person could mean serious harm to the young man.

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