An antitrust lawsuit has been filed against Amazon over claims it overcharges sellers and holds back the competition. 
Amazon CEO Says It Will Continue to Sell Antisemitic Film Despite Backlash - istock

Amazon Cutting 18,000 Jobs in Largest Layoffs in e-Commerce History

In the largest round of layoffs in Amazon’s history, the company is cutting 18,000 jobs, a larger number than previously revealed.

“We typically wait to communicate about these outcomes until we can speak with the people who are directly impacted,” CEO Andy Jassy said Wednesday.  “However, because one of our teammates leaked this information externally, we decided it was better to share this news earlier so you can hear the details directly from me.”

The layoffs will mainly impact the company’s retail stores, including Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go, and the PXT organizations, which handle human resources.
Last year, Jassy said staff layoffs were looming due to the current economic climate and the company’s rapid hiring over the past few years.
According to reports, his announcement included job cuts that were not previously listed.
Several major tech companies like Salesforce, Apple, Facebook parent Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Netflix, Peloton, and Twitter are cutting workers after hiring aggressively in recent years.

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