Amazon's New Technology Lets Customers Scan Palms Instead Of Showing ID To Buy Alcohol

Amazon’s New Technology Lets Customers Scan Palms Instead Of Showing ID To Buy Alcohol

Amazon just made purchasing alcoholic beverages a little bit easier, allowing shoppers to scan their palm print instead of showing identification.

Amazon One was originally a palm reader tool made available to people who wanted to pay for goods without having to dig around for cash or credit cards. Those enrolled in Apple One have to link their payment method of choice to their account in order for the palm scan to be effective. Now, Amazon has tweaked its program a bit to include an “age verification” feature for those wanting to buy alcohol the same way.

Buyers simply hover their palms over the Amazon One kiosk, verify their age and go about their day. To do this, customers must already take advantage of Amazon One. Just as they did with their payment methods, they’ll need to log into their account and upload a front and back photo of their state-issued ID. This is the only way to link their age to the profile accurately. Coors Field baseball stadium in Denver, Colorado, has brought this technology innovation to its facility, which will likely reduce how long attendees are in line for food and drink purchases during sporting events.

Amazon One has been around since September 2020, debuting at the first Amazon Go store in Seattle. Since then, the palm reading devices have been placed in select Whole Foods, Amazon Go, and Amazon Fresh locations. Other companies, such as Panera Bread and several convenience stores, have begun offering Amazon One. However, prior to the update, customers still needed to show the sales clerk their physical ID cards before walking out with liquor.

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