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Amazon Being Sued For Pulling Jobs Offers From Weed Users

Amazon is under fire for retracting job offers from job applicants who test positive for marijuana.

Weed smokers are so torn apart by the way they are treated by the online retail giant that they have banded together to file a class-action lawsuit in New York against Jeff Bezos. One man involved in the case says that he was offered a job at one of Amazon’s facilities. However, the company informed the man that they couldn’t hire him after he tested positive for marijuana. Michael Thomas, also named in the suit, was offered a job sorting packages at Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse under the stipulations that he passed a drug test. Once his test results returned and were positive for weed, Amazon informed him that he no longer had the job.

Thomas pointed out that an employer cannot require drug testing for weed under New York law, except for specific jobs that include the use of heavy machinery. Thomas claims that the job he applied for did not mention operating this type of equipment, which is why he does not understand why he was deemed ineligible for the job.

Thomas and the others named in the lawsuit seek damages and an injunction that will block the company from continuing weed drug tests.

Amazon has not commented publicly on the lawsuit.

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