Amazon Execs Are Worried They Won’t Have Anyone To Hire Because Workers Quit So Often

A new report shows that executives at Amazon are concerned they’ll run out of people to hire because their workers are constantly quitting.

According to an investigation done by the New York Times, the mega-company Amazon has hired hundreds of thousands of workers for roles specifically for the company’s “fulfillment centers” or warehouses to keep up with the increase in online shopping amid the pandemic. But just as fast as they get hired, they end up quitting after working “just days or weeks.”

Between July and October 2020, Amazon has hired more than 350,000 new workers. However, the Times reported a turnover rate of about 150 percent every year regarding hourly employees. So now, execs are worried they won’t be able to find anyone they can hire.

At one point in May 2021, Amazon started offering new hires a $1,000 signing bonus. One of Amazon’s former managers compared the company’s hire-quit turnaround to fossil fuels.

“We keep using them, even though we know we’re slowly cooking ourselves,” he told The Times.

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  1. I work for Amazon I’m a delivery driver an Amazon I don’t give two shits about anyone but themselves and I’m willing to talk to anyone from the press to expose Amazon for who they really are

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