Amazon Sued For Allegedly Stealing The Concept For Their Series ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ From A Book

Amazon Prime is in hot water for allegedly stealing ideas for their series ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ from a book.

According to TMZ, Jodi Parmley is suing Amazon Studios, claiming several creative concepts from her book ‘F.I.F.I. Financial Infidelity F**k It: The Mistress of the New Millennium,” were used in their series.

Parmley claims the company stole ‘creative elements’ from her book, which was released in 2014, and used them in their hit series.

Amazon Sued

According to documents acquired by TMZ, following the release of her book, Parmley wrote a screenplay based on it that was sent around to many studios with several execs showing interest.

While Parmley didn’t personally meet with Amazon, she believes that they eventually came across her script, and thus created a “carbon copy” with their award-winning series.

Parmley insists that Amazing “ripped off the plight, stand-up routine, general plot points and character traits the Amazon’s Miriam Maisel lives out,” TMZ reports. Aspects of the main character Miriam and her life on the show that Parmley alleges Amazon stole include seeking financial independence and leaving her not-so-good of a husband.

Parmley is suing to earn profits made from the series since it’s aired due to the streaming service allegedly stealing her creative ideas, the outlet reports.

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