Amazon Working On New Alexa That Will Monitor A Sleeping Person’s Breathing For Signs Of Sleep Apnea

Amazon‘s Alexa is getting updated with a new feature that allows the device to scan your body using a radar. 

Alexa, watch me sleep. That is pretty much what you’ll be able to do with Alexa’s upcoming new development that allows the device to track a person’s breathing for signs of sleep apnea while they’re slumbering. Sources close to the project told Business Insider that the device will measure a person’s breathing. 

According to Futurism, there are no solid details on the development just yet; however, the project is currently being referred to as the codename “Brahms,” after the composer Johannes Brahms, who wrote lullabies and suffered from sleep apnea.

Right now, Brahms is just a prototype, but it will reportedly pack a punch with its nifty health-geared features. The outlet reports that the hexagon-shaped device will transmit the health data it records to other Alexa-enabled devices. According to the source, Amazon is working towards developing a sleep analysis system that monitors sleep disorders in addition to sleep apnea. At this time, Amazon is declining to comment on Brahms.

Amazon still plans on joining the health care service world. Business Insider said it reportedly plans to launch its own internal primary care service and other medical sleep trackers and devices. 

Y’all buying Alexa?


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