Amber Guyger Was Sexting Colleague The Night She Fatally Shot Botham Jean In His Apartment

The fired officer who fatally shot an innocent man in his own apartment was busy sexting one of her colleagues the night of the fatal shooting, prosecutors said Monday.

Amber Guyger’s trial started on Monday in which she faces a murder charge for the death of #BothamJean. It’s been a little over a year since the incident occurred. Guyger maintains that the shooting was accidental and that she was so fatigued after a long shift that she mistakenly went into the wrong apartment.

However, prosecutors said on Monday that Guyger couldn’t have been too tired as she was alert and actively sexting one of her male colleagues at the police department in the hours and minutes before the shooting happened. Prosecutors added that some of the texts messages were deleted after the shooting. Before opening statements at Monday’s hearing, both parties argued over whether or not the text messages should be used. Judge Tammy Kemp decided the text conversations between Guyger and Rivera would be admitted as evidence.

Prosecutors discussed Guyger and Rivera’s relationship; Guyger is a former Dallas police officer.  “In the last 10 minutes of Bo’s life, Amber Guyger made a series of unreasonable errors and unreasonable decisions and unreasonable choices,” said Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Jason Hermus. “Super horny today too,” Guyger texted to Rivera. “Me too,” Rivera texted back. It was revealed that Guyger and Rivera both deleted all the text messages from their phone, but there are no details on when it happened, Fox News reports. When asked why he deleted the messages off his phone, Rivera said: “that’s not something I want to be reminded of. I don’t keep messages saved unless it’s of importance.”

Hermus opened up by saying that while Guyger worked overtime that day, she did not do strenuous work and was stationed mostly in the office. Additionally, Hermus mentioned that Guyger ignored multiple, obvious signs that she was on the wrong apartment floor that night, including a bright red mat outside Jean’s apartment. “Botham Jean wanted his apartment to be very noticeable. And he took steps to make sure that happened. In front of Botham’s apartment is this extremely obvious bright red floor mat, right in front of his door. I want to reiterate Amber Guyger had no floor mat,” he said.

Hermus argued that Guyger, being a cop, should have tended to Jean’s health after she allegedly accidentally shot him. Guyger admitted that she should have helped him and should not have been texting. The trial is expected to last two weeks. The defense told the jury that Guyger is likely to take the stand.

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  1. The justice system crazy, I forgot all about this case, she should’ve been went to trial. The messed up part is she really did no time in jail because she got bonded out immediately after the fact. She got a black judge and the jury has 5 blacks and 5 latinos, all young so if she’s not convicted we know it’s no hope for future cases like this

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