Amber Rose & Natalie Nunn Twitter Fight Over Wiz Khalifa...*Updated*

Amber Rose & Natalie Nunn Twitter Fight Over Wiz Khalifa…*Updated*

This is sad and funny at the same time. I woke up to Natalie Nunn sending subliminal messages to Amber Rose. She didn’t @ her on twitter, she just kept posting pics of her and Wiz and talking shit like she usually does. Amber Rose must follow Natalie Nunn because she responded to her. Sighhhh

Dear Amber, You got the guy. Why even respond to this? She didn’t @ you on twitter. This just proves that you stalk her twitter page.

Are you serious? No words…

Natalie plays entirely too much. Natalie then goes and starts posting pics of her and Amber and her and Wiz just to fuck with Amber.

Lastly…Amber posted this tweet yesterday:

I absolutely hate when people say this. If you move in silence then you would not have posted this tweet. When you were silent and with Kanye you were the baddest bitch walking. You were a mystery, you were the BOMB. Now this Amber? Wiz needs to check this shit. You and Wiz are in love. Why are you even answering someone that is not a threat? This shows weakness and insecurity. If you moved in silence like you tweeted the day before, Ms. Natalie Nunn would be talking to herself. No bueno Amber… get it together and have fun with your boo.


Updated: I was informed that Amber actually was the first to take a subliminal shot at Natalie about going to Barbados. Which means Amber really does stalk Natalie’s twitter. SMH


Updated: Don’t know if this video was made before or after the tweets but whatever…


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