Amber Rose Wants Go Stay Single Forever: “I Don’t Want Anyone Around My Kids. I Don’t Want To Have Sex”
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Amber Rose Says That She Isn’t Suprised At All Over Kim and Kanye Divorce

Amber Rose knows Kanye West very well, as the two used to date, and knows of Kim Kardashian, as the two share a birthday. So, when the famous couple called it quits and Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, the model wasn’t shocked at all.

Sitting down with Raquel on the “It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper” podcast, Amber was briefly asked about the former pair’s romance.

When asked if she was surprised or saw it coming, she responded, “of course.” She adds, “I always hope for the best for people to be happy. I had my own issues and feelings– how I feel about our relationship was.”

Amber and Kanye dated from 2008 to 2010. By the time they moved on, she was happy with Wiz Khalifa, she noted, so she wished no ill towards him and the reality TV star at the time. However, she added that she wasn’t surprised because she knew how Kanye was.

And though Amber and Kim have the same birthday, they were brought up very differently.

“I think you can be similar as far as birthdays. But we grew up completely different.” Amber adds, “I grew up poor in Philly. I had to hustle and struggle, and her life was very privileged with money and being out here in LA.”

Amber did conclude that she wishes both of them the best and that Kim seems happy with Pete Davidson.

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