AMC Theaters to Start Charging Based on Where You Sit

AMC Theaters to Start Charging Based on Where You Sit

AMC Theatres is now treating movie-going like a concert experience by increasing ticket prices based on seat location.

On Monday, the company announced they were rolling out a new program called “Sightline at AMC,” which will remove the one-price ticket menu. Three tiers have generally existed over the years: adults, children, and seniors. Each allows attendees who fall into these categories to pay one set price. However, the new model will include “Standard Sightline,” “Value Sightline,” and “Preferred Sightline” tiers. The preferred seats will be in the middle, while the least expensive value seats will be towards the front of the theater and closer to the screen. It appears the standard seats will be toward the top of the multiplex. Anyone unsure of the pricing differences will have a map readily available at booking time, showing seats, proximity to the screen, and costs.

AMC chief marketing officer Eliot Hamlisch confirmed that the new prices were implemented to place the company in line with other event venues.

There are a few exceptions to the new prices. For those AMC customers looking to save money, matinee showtimes before 4:00 p.m. will not be subjected to Sightline pricing. Also, movie fans who pay for AMC’s Stubs A-List membership will not have to spend any extra funds for the best seats in the house.

Sightline is set to go into effect at every AMC theater by the end of 2023.

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