America Braces For “Super-COVID Tsunami” That Dr. Fauci Warns Is 70% More Contagious

America Braces For “Super-COVID Tsunami” That Dr. Fauci Warns Is 70% More Contagious

As Britain sees the rise in infections and death rates soar due to a new mutant variant strain of COVID-19, America must prepare to deal with the strain as it begins to hit our country.

According to the Daily Mail, researchers are already estimating that this new strain that is up to 70% more contagious will hit the U.S. like a Tsunami.

During his appearance on the Today show earlier today, Dr. Anthony Fauci said the spread of this new COVID-19 strain is “inevitable.” He also said: “We predicted it would be when you have so much of it in the UK, which then spread to other countries in Europe and Canada, it was inevitable that it would be here.”

The second confirmed case of this super strain, named B.1.1.7, was announced in California on Wednesday after finding the first case of the virus in Colorado. It was first identified in the UK in November.

The United Kingdom is now in the midst of severe lockdown until the spring. This latest strain now accounts for more than 60% of the new cases announced in London alone. Their health care system is vastly overwhelmed, and on Wednesday, they recorded their deadliest day since April with 981 COVID fatalities and 50,000 more new cases.

“Our British colleagues have shown, clearly, that it is much more efficient in spreading from person to person,” Dr. Fauci said.


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