American Automobile Association List Best Days To Travel During Christmas Holiday

American Automobile Association List Best Days To Travel During Christmas Holiday

America’s favorite holiday is almost here and you know what that means, lots of holiday traffic.

2022 is expected to be the third busiest year for holiday travel since the American Automobile Association began keeping track in 2000.

“This year, travel time will be extended due to Christmas Day and New Year’s Day falling on Sundays,” Paula Twidale, AAA’s Senior Vice President of Travel said. “With hybrid work schedules, we are seeing more people take long weekends to travel because they can work remotely at their destination and be more flexible with the days they depart and return.”

The AAA predicts 112.7 million people will travel at least 50 miles from their homes starting Dec. 23 to Jan. 2. The amount is up 3.6 million people from last year, Fox4KC reported. And 102 million from that total will be people who are driving to their holiday destination.

“This holiday season will see an additional 2 million drivers compared to 2021,” AAA added. “Travel by car this year is on par with 2018 but shy of 2019 when 108 million Americans drove out of town for the holidays, the highest year on record.”

The roadways aren’t the only thing that will see heavy traffic. Air travel is expected to see a 14% increase from 2021. America will likely see pre-pandemic numbers, with nearly 7.2 million Americans predicted to travel by air.

Even buses, rail, and cruise ships are also expected to see an increase in passengers. The association estimates those methods of travel will reach 3.6 million, which is a 23% increase from last year.

With that being said, the AAA suggests the best time to travel by car is the following:

12/23: before 2 pm and after 8 pm

12/24: before 11 am and after 7 pm

12/25: minimal travel expected

12/26: before noon and after 7 pm

12/27: before 2 pm and after 8 pm

12/28: before 2 pm and after 8 pm

12/29: before 2 pm and after 8 pm

12/30: before 2 pm and after 8 pm

12/31: minimal traffic expected

1/1: minimal traffic expected

1/2: before 3 pm and after 8 pm

“With pre-pandemic levels of travelers hitting the road this holiday, drivers must be prepared for delays in and around major metro areas, with Tuesday, December 27 expected to be the nation’s worst day to travel,” says Bob Pishue, transportation analyst at INRIX. “Our advice is to avoid traveling during peak commuting hours. If schedules allow, leave bright and early or after the afternoon commute.”

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