Amusement park employees quit after racism

Amusement Park Employees Quit After Managers Allegedly Make Several Racist Remarks; Workers Say They Were Called A ‘Bunch Of Monkeys’

Several employees at an amusement park have quit their jobs over racist remarks were allegedly made by their manager.

Workers at Frankie’s Fun Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, quit their jobs Saturday after claiming their manager made several racist comments toward Black employees. A two-year employee of the park, Alyssa Faustia, said the manager told her she had “nappy hair” and compared her and her fellow Black co-workers to a “bunch of monkeys.” The workers say their complaints were completely ignored.

“The manager said I had nappy hair like Whitney Houston, so he called me ‘nappy-head,'” Faustia said. “This manager also said we looked like a bunch of monkeys getting ready to get whipped.”

The workers came together on May 22 by writing down all of their issues and concerns with the company on note cards. The employees then spread the cards on a table in their break room. The group then called in the manager to discuss the problems they were having. “Jordan called the GM to the break room to talk about it, and he just said, ‘If you guys walk out, there’s no coming back,'” Faustia told Channel 9 news.

When their concerns were ignored again, the group decided to clock out and leave their jobs, Newsweek reports. “I was really in tears because it’s like, wow, they really do not care about us,” said one of the employees. Along with them were a dozen other workers who showed solidarity and walked out. “It was a pretty good job, so it was tough,” said employee Jordan Guine. “I had to walk out fighting my tears, and I’m not a guy that cries. It was a little painful seeing nothing would change.”

Frankie’s Fun Park owner Doug Godley claimed the park “never received a complaint” about racist remarks. “They never contacted our human resources department, not one complaint,” he said. Godley claims that he and other management would have been happy to discuss the issues if they were brought to them sooner. The other managers are denying all the allegations made against them.

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