An Altercation Over Wearing A Mask Leaves A Staples Customer With A Broke Leg, “I Hope Karma Gets Her”

On Wednesday afternoon, Margot Kagan stopped by a New Jersey Staples to quickly fax a document. What she did not know is that she would be leaving there with a broken leg.

Kagan, 54, was using a fax machine when she noticed the woman at the machine next to her was not wearing a face mask. Kagan, who had a liver transplant a couple of months ago, asked the woman to put her mask on.  One thing quickly led to another.

“She started cursing me out. I said, ‘well, you’re endangering everyone.’ So that’s when she took it upon herself to leave her little cube area and come in mine. She’s face-to-face with me, without the mask on properly,” Kagan said.

During the assault, which was caught on video, you see Kagan raise her cane at the suspect.

“I held up my cane so she couldn’t go any more forward. I didn’t touch her with it. At some point, she grabbed the cane and threw me and it on the floor,” Kagan explained.

From the incident, Kagan suffers a fractured left tibia — her knee. According to Kagan, a steel plate needed to be put in, and she will not be able to put weight on her leg for seven to 10 weeks.

Kagan has outwardly expressed her desire to press charges and the lack of sympathy she has for the other woman involved. “I hope karma gets her,” Kagan said.

Police are still searching for the suspect.

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