Many artists’ face adversity head on. It’s how the person bounces back that will either make or break their career. Yours truly of BallerAlert.Com recently caught up with Philadelphia’s own Cassidy . Its been a few years since he made us want to come to his hotel or better yet had us with a drink & our two-step. As he preps for the release of his fourth studio release C.A.S.H. we discussed how facing adversity has made him a better man, the special woman in his life & those insane rumors between he & Amber Rose.

Check out our interview below:

BA: What’s good Cass, how are things?

Cassidy: I’m good, can’t complain.

BA: You’re on of the few artists who have dealt firsthand with adversity, how does it feel to be Cassidy in the present? i.e. Fatal Car Accident, beating murder case?

Cassidy: I feel good, real blessed. I’m glad that I went through my trials & tribulations because it made me a better man. It made me stronger & it made me appreciate what I was blessed with. I feel I haven’t reached my peak yet, so when I do reach it, I feel I will appreciate it even more. I’m happy that I went through those things & that they happened to ME. I’m better all the way around, as a person, as a family man, a business man, just in every aspect.

BA: With the current state of hip-hop with Jay-Z releasing D.O.A. & the emergence of new artists’ such as Drake, Kid Cudi, & others, where do you feel you’ll fit-in when staging your comeback? Will you be the same Cassidy from your previous releases or stronger?

Cassidy: Well, see, when I came out with B.A.R.S., it was a situation where I was coming out from the accident I had brain damage, I had amnesia, I really couldn’t remember my raps & I really wasn’t the same kind of rapper. I just was able to tell my story. I really wasn’t hungry, nor dedicated like I’d normally be. My whole feeling wasn’t into it. I just wanted the world to know how I felt, what I went through & how I recovered from the accident & I promised to God I was going to tell people how I got through it. I wasn’t really trying to get on the radio or make a real successful album. I just was trying to get my point across with the B.A.R.S. album. Those things happened years ago. Now I have a whole different mind set, got different things to talk about. My mind is on a whole ‘nother page. So that’s why the music is going to feel a lot different. Its going to be similiar to when I dropped Split Personality or I’m a Hustla with more energy. Now I’m more mature. My voice is better, my delivery is better. What I’m talking about now is deeper. I’m able to put out a song how I want, now that I’m on my own production company I’m able to put out a song the way I always should have. I don’t have people over top of my music telling me what direction to go in & picking the songs that I use for my albums. With all that, that’s how you’ll be able to hear & feel a new Cassidy. As far as me fitting in with these other artists, I feel as though I’m what the game is missing. People that go hard with lyrics that focus on punch lines, that focus on murdering every song, I feel as though that’s what the industry is missing. There’s a lot of cats that can make good music, might can sing that can come up with catchy hooks & melodies, but really don’t have hard core lyrics that can claim that title, that’s what I want to come back & claim.

BA: I definitely will be checking for your new release. Now that you have a new home with Kross Over Ent(Carmelo Anthony’s label) how did that come about?

Cassidy: Me & Melo had a relationship for years. When I got free from my record deal situations I was able to execute the plans that I’d been working on for years due to the fact I was free from my contract. Melo, I felt was the right person to work with to bring things to light, so I let him know the long term goals that I wanted to accomplish & he saw that I was executing a lot of my short-term goals & making improvements & stepping things up. He felt I was a good person to do business with, that’s when we started doing more business, having more meetings & that’s how we got to this level. To finalize the partnership between Kross Over Entertainment & Larsiny family. Melo was the person thats willing bring this whole thing to light oppose to me having to go to a record label for a loan, or recording budget or advance or a marketing/promotion budget. I got a person who understands the direction that I’m trying to go in, that’s willing to put up the same type of budgets without having to go through nonsense.

BA: So in your opinion do you feel its best for new artists’ coming into the game through the independent route vs. a major label?

Cassidy: Oh without a question, you know the world is getting smaller with the internet. The way the game is going people want consistency. A lot of these new artists’ might be popping at the time, but six months to a year from a now there’s no telling if they’re gonna be poppin. A lot of these new artists might not have longevity, some do & don’t. People want new music, they want consistency, they want to know what you’re doing at all times. They just want you to step up these days. With the way the direction the industry is going these days, I feel that I can benefit because I feel I can be consistent with the type of music that I do. I’m not a fluke, I’m not a gimmick, I’m not riding off a record or label, or riding off some type of fluke. I really can do this, I really go in. I really focus on every rap & thats how I feel I’ll have the advantage over all these other artists. So I feel as though most artists should go the independent route, so they can focus on what they do to the fullest. However, some artists need the help, they need a production company behind them, they need a CEO or label teaching them the game, like I did when I was 16 & 17 years old when I first got my deal. Now that I’ve matured & have been in it for so long I understand the game like the back of my hand. I’m in a position to handle all the responsibilities that come along with being independent & I feel every artist at this particular point can handle it. So I do feel some need a major backing them, & those more developed artists that are more mature that understand the business more can go independent.

BA: With the release of C.A.S.H(Cass A Straight Hustla) tentative release Sept. 09, what can the consumer look for in regards to collaborations or will this be an album focused solely on your rap alone?

Cassidy: Well, I’m going to have a few collaborations. You know I’ve done so many songs that I haven’t narrowed them all down. I’m still doing new songs by the day which can potentially make the album, so I’m unsure of which tracks I’m going to use. So I really don’t want to talk about the features RIGHT now. But I definitely have Sterling Simms on a few records, everybody from Larsiny family, a cat called Jag, a song with Mya, we kinda got a business relationship where we’re getting her music together, we just recorded a hot track, so you should expect to hear from her soon.

BA: That’s good to hear because many artists such as Mya whether its marketing or promotion don’t really get recognized for their talent as a single entity vs. the help with other artists. So its good to hear she’s working with others to help spark her buzz again because she is talented. So I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys have to offer.

Cassidy: A lot of people in the industry go off of hype, who can sell the most records or who’s heard the most on the radio. Those are who people they want to work with at the time. I just want to work with those who are talented & who really go in, & a lot of times when folks get into the studio with these big name producers who’s supposed to make these big hits, when it comes time to playing you a beat, they can’t even play you nothing. When it comes to bringing in these big singers who sell these major records & its time to lay down a track, they can’t even make you the song that you looked forward to making. Talent like Mya, you can make history together. If they’re hungry & got a point to prove & are ready to come back & so are you, then you’re going in on the same direction & you’re able to make real music vs. those who are just in it to get a check.

BA: I can understand your correlation because a lot of times fans can decipher when an artist puts their all into their music vs the latter. Sometimes you just have to create great music & allow the money to come on its own. If its great, it’ll generate revenue.

Cassidy: mmmhmmm. Exactly, that’s the type of artist I am. I definitely want to make money & be successful as a business man, but there are things I put before that, you know what I’m saying. I’m not willing to sacrafice certain things in my life to get to the level I’m trying to get to. Like some people will change their sexuality, the way they dress, people they hang around, etc. You’ll see folks or hear about folks making money but they might not be comfortable. I rather keep things how I do it. I mean it might happen slower than it would for other artists, like there might be new artist out with a hit that folks might think is bigger than me that have been in the game for so long putting in work, but that’s how the game goes. I respect that, everybody got their opinion. I still got people who know how hard I go, know what I’ve been through that really love & respect me. All the rest of the people that like to jump from people to people will come later. But your real die hard fans know what you’re capable of & those are the type of people that I got love for. Those are the people that I do it for. So I’m happy with that. There’s billions of people in the world & I know everybody ain’t going to like me because there’s more fakes in the world than there are real. So its gonna be hard for those kinds of people to see to eye with a real person like me.

BA: Our site is ran solely on the voice of women & you have some fans here who’d like to know are you single?

Cassidy: No, I’m not currently single. I just had another son & I’m currently involved with the mother of my children; Cassidy & Shane. That’s the female that I really love, the one I sacrifice & make moves for. I go out all for her.

BA: That’s good to hear. A lot of guys don’t step up to the plate & take care of their responsibilities, but I commend you for that. Now there’s been rumors of you being the alleged reason as to why Kanye & Amber Rose split. Here’s your chance to clarify these rumors.

Cassidy: Well, me & Amber are both from the same city; Philadelphia. We not too long ago did a celebrity soft-ball game together, so we were able to see each other & reunite again. We’re just cool, just friends. We have a business type of friendship. You know how the media is, they see two people together & come to their own conclusion. I’m in a relationship with the mother of my children, so I wouldn’t want to start something with another individual. That’s definitely Kanye’s girl, or whomever. I don’t know who she’s in a relationship with or what she’s doing, you know what I’m saying. Kanye is my man, he’s been coming through for me since day 1, I remember I did the Get No Better video & he was in it. When I did the Drink & My Two step remix I reached out to him & Ne-Yo & he came through for me ASAP. So I got nothing but love for Kanye & on the strength of what he did for me in the past I definitely wouldn’t do that to him. We just have a business relationship, the media just make things out to be bigger than what they are. That’s why I don’t speak on it. This is the first conversation where I actually talked about the situation. Amber is cool people.

BA: Cass, you’re no stranger to women. What is your definition of a groupie & how do you deal with them? What has been the craziest thing one has done to get close to you?

Cassidy: Ummm, lets see. See my definition of a groupie is not just a person who sees me & goes crazy. Not a person, but a female who sees me and goes crazy. I feel as though a female who will do it with anybody with status, anyone who’s successful or anybody with a name. Some girls just like what they like, for example, some chics might like LL & just want to touch his abs, they just like what they like, but the next day they might see R. Kelly or Jay-Z or 50 Cent. They might not go crazy over them, it might be a pleasure to meet them, but it might not be how it is with LL, those others might not be their type. Now the groupie type no matter who she meet is always the same way as long as you got the status, they’re just caught up in you. Those are the type I stay away from. (laughs) I’m not a new artist, I’ve been around for ten years, so its been so many things that have happened I wouldn’t know where to start. I’d probably be mad at myself where I’d tell you one story once this comes out & then would have thought of many others that way worse. I don’t know, they do so much crazy stuff.

BA: Now Cassidy, our site focuses on the finer things in life, what has been the most expensive purchase you’ve made for yourself outside of property? For your special lady?

Cassidy: Ummm, the most expensive purchase other than property..Hmmm, I really don’t buy too many things so I’d have to say either some gear or some jewelry. A big purchase would be a vehicle. The same thing goes for my lady, expensive things like clothes, coats, jewelry, vehicles. Nothing too major though. I’m not really into fancy art work or furniture. I’ll add though, I have a pre-recording studio so the equipment from the boards, speakers, the pro-tools equipment costs. I’m hoping to build a studio where I can mix & master in. I spend money on that daily, so I guess that would be the most expensive purchase made thus far.

As you can sense from the one on one with Cassidy he seems to have his mind set in the right direction. Its been a little over two years since the industry has heard Cass spit a quick 16 bars & I must say given our conversation I’m eager to hear his story. Seemingly enough it seems as if he’s been to hell & back having beat a murder charge, overcoming a fatal car crash & at the end of the day is still able to wake up & do what he loves. It’s evident the Lord has a plan for Cassidy & its very clear he’s here for good reason; to make music that real folks can appreciate!

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