Anansa Sims Speaks Out In Defense Of Fiancée Matt Barnes After Ex-Husband Files Lawsuit

Anansa Sims Speaks Out In Defense Of Fiancée Matt Barnes After Ex-Husband Files Lawsuit

Anansa Sims is speaking out in defense of fiancée Matt Barnes after her ex-husband David Patterson Jr. filed a lawsuit against Barnes over a spitting incident last weekend. 

The former NBA star attended the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys game in Santa Clara last Sunday. Barnes and Petterson Jr. ran into each other in a concourse in Levi Stadium and got into an argument. 

Patterson Jr., a formal NFL player, says Barnes came up to him and spit on him unprovoked, and the whole thing was caught on video. He is suing for battery, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress and asked for unspecified damages.

Sims took to social media on Saturday to defend Barnes against her ex, who she says has been harassing them and threatening to kill them for a long time. She reveals that Barnes was granted a restraining order against Patterson Jr. and shared photos of text messages and court documents.

“Matt doesn’t deserve this negative backlash. My Ex Husband David Patterson has been harassing Matt and I for years,” Sims began. “The harassment from David escalated after our Christmas engagement. In the month of January alone my Ex has called the police to our home 5 times on false claims of us having a scheduled visit.”

Sims explains that each time law enforcement arrived, she showed them proof that there were no scheduled visits with Patterson Jr. and their three children. She claims that Patterson Jr. gave up 50/50 custody of the kids in August.

In November, she was granted a three-year restraining order that included the kids. Due to the nature of the order or protection, Patterson Jr. was placed on supervised visits. In addition to threatening her and Barnes, she claims he made “heinous” accusations against Barnes’ children.

“In addition to threatening to kill Matt and I on numerous occasions, David also made heinous false detrimental accusations to the authorities against Matt’s twin sons,” she continued. “When my Ex Husband came after the twins I was furious and knew he would not stop.”

Sims claims that her ex knew Barnes was a big 49ers fan and would be at the football game last weekend. She believes Patterson Jr. sought Barnes out and started an altercation as a method of baiting Barnes into reacting. 

“Due to David’s history of consistent harassment, after the altercation at the 49ers game Matt filed a restraining order against David and the judge granted it,” Sims explained. “Matt was reluctant to do this, but I am so grateful that he did what was needed to protect himself and our family. 

She ended her post by saying she hopes Patterson Jr. gets help for the sake of their children and for everyone involved’s safety.

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