Angela Simmons Talks Going From Virgin To Pregnant

Angela Simmons Talks About The Difficulties Of Going From Virgin To Pregnant In The Public Eye: ”It Was A Lot”

Prior to the seductive and sometimes-risqué photos, we’re used to seeing from Angela Simmons, the reality star and daughter of hip hop icon Rev Run had a more wholesome and youthful image back in the day. And with current conversations centered around teen sexuality and virginity, the 32-year-old recounted the stress of how everything publicly played out for her while recently visiting ”The Dr. Oz Show.”

Angela lost her virginity at 28 to her late ex Sutton Tennyson and became pregnant soon after. Immediately, people began speculating that she had been lying about her purity. “Well, I publicly spoke about it, and a lot of people knew that I was a virgin, and I waited until I was like 28, and I went from virgin to pregnant,” she said. “So it was a lot, and it was in public. So a lot of people were like, ‘Were you lying or what happened?’ But it just happened really quick for me. So, I mean, for me, I can understand she didn’t speak about it publicly. It was a choice of mine to speak about it, to encourage whoever wants to do it to know that it’s not cool, you know? You have all the time in the world to do that.”

Angela admitted in 2016 that she was worried she had disappointed her father, but he was quite supportive when she broke the news.

“He was just calm,” she said. “He was like, ‘Okay. I’m this guy. My arms are open to you. I’m not going to be mad.’ I was just scared. And you know, in that moment I was just crying because I felt like I let him down. The last thing I want to do is let down my father or my family. So for me, it meant a lot that he was open arms and like, there for me.”

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Angela Simmons Talks Viriginity

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