Animated ‘Transformers’ In The Works With ‘Toy Story 4’ Director

Josh Cooley, filmmaker and also co-writer and director of Oscar-winning Toy Story 4, has been hired to lead the big-screen animated version of Transformers, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, who are screenwriting partners best known for the Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man franchise, wrote the Transformers script for the upcoming animated film.

The animated project is a prequel to the live-action Transformers movies, and will dive into the origin of Megatron and the conflict between “the harmony-seeking Autobots and domination-loving Deceptions.”

Michael Bay is a highly successful director that directed five live-action ‘Transformers’ movies from 2007-2017 while director Travis Knight directed ‘Bumblebee’ in 2018, the prequel that was set back in the 80s.

This is an incredible opportunity for Cooley to make an outstanding mark on his career as possibly the Michael Bay of the animated series. Cooley has won an Oscar for ‘Toy Story 4’ earlier this year as well as a nomination for ‘Inside Out’ in 2015.

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