Anthony Quinn Warner Identifed As The Nashville Christmas Bomber By DNA Test

Authorities have identified the person responsible for the Christmas Day Bombing in Nashville as Anthony Quinn Warner. The identification was made using DNA testing done on the human remains found at the site where the RV used in the bombing was parked.

According to the N.Y. Post, the 63-year-old Warner, was a tech expert who was killed in the suicide bombing, officials announced during a press briefing on Sunday.

Authorities said Warner was the only known fatality in the downtown Nashville bombing, which injured three people and caused significant property damage to the surrounding area, and knocked out cellular service across the state and other areas in the south.

Investigators are looking into the theory that Warner created the massive explosion over his fears and conspiracy theories about 5G technology. He alleged believed the technology was being used to spy on America.

Officials used Forensic testing to match the remains found at the scene with Warner’s DNA.

Image Credit: Metro Nashville PD

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