Anthony Scaramucci No Longer Supporting Trump’s 2020 Campaign

Anthony Scaramucci No Longer Supporting Donald Trump’s 2020 Presidential Campaign, Says GOP Needs “Change At The Top Of The Ticket”

White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said he no longer supports Donald Trump’s reelection bid and believes the top of the 2020 Republican presidential ticket needs to be replaced. 

Over the weekend, the two exchanged jabs over Trump’s racist rhetoric as well as his recent visits to the victims and scenes of the latest mass shootings. In an interview with CNN’s John Berman on “New Day,” Scaramucci was asked if he was ”no longer an active supporter of President Trump and his reelection bid.” 

The former Trump front-runner replied, “I think that’s pretty obvious from over the weekend.” He continued, “The guy’s actually dissembling a little bit, and he’s sounding more and more nonsensical. And, you know, we’re sort anesthetized to it.”

According to CNN, Trump was seemingly upset about Scaramucci calling his visits to the grieving cities of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, after the two mass shootings a “catastrophe.” Scaramucci said, “The only thing (Trump) was doing in those areas was talking about himself and praising himself and crowd sizes. And so it just — one day after the next it gets worse and worse and worse.”

Trump responded, via Twitter, of course, claiming that the former aide, was fired “from a position that he was totally incapable of handling.” Hr said Scaramucci regularly appears on TV, adding in a separate tweet, “Anthony, who would do anything to come back in, should remember the only reason he is on TV, and it’s not for being the Mooch!”

Scaramucci said although he has fully supported Trump for the past three years, “recently he has said things that divide the country in a way that is unacceptable,” adding, “Eventually he turns on everyone and soon it will be you and then the entire country.”

When asked if he wanted the Republican ticket changed, Scaramucci replied, “Well, I’m calling for it to be considered, yes.”

“I think you have to consider a change at the top of the ticket when someone is acting like this,” said Scaramucci. “Let’s watch how this unfolds.”

Scaramucci is just the latest in a growing list of loyalist to cut ties with Trump. Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and personal attorney Michael Cohen, have also walked away from Trump after once vigorously defending him his campaign.

Oh well! Another one bites the dust. ??‍♀️

Anthony Scaramucci Splits With Trump
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