Antonio Brown Opens Up About Recent Legal Troubles And Hints At Return To NFL In Recent Interviews

Troubled ex NFL star Antonio Brown recently sat down for an interview with Complex, for an episode of Complex’s ‘Load Management’ podcast and Hot 97’s ‘Ebro In The Morning.’

Throughout the different interviews, Brown touched on many different topics, including recent legal troubles, the Patriots cutting him, current status with the NFL, and more.

One of the main highlights from the Complex interview was Brown hinting at a possible return to NFL, revealing he’s been in talks with Jon Gruden, head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders.

“I just talked to Jon Gruden today, might I say,” Brown said. “I don’t know how it’s going to go, but who knows? If they want to bring it back, we’ll think about.”

He also dished on wanting to play on the same team as Tom Brady again. The two played together for one game, before Brown was cut from the New England Patriots.

“Tom if you listening to this, I love you bro! 2020, Tom to AB,” he said, speaking with ‘Load Management’ hosts Zack Frydenlund and Adam Caparell.

During his interview with Ebro, Brown revealed he reacts to situations in his personal life, the same way he does on the field, from emotions.

“I am sure that you all go through something that you done reacted or did something, and you come to your senses,” he said. “When I get emotional, when I get excited, it is like being on the field. You simply react from your emotion.”

Brown also talked about therapy, stating it’s good for people in his position.

“I think therapy is a good thing for anyone, especially people in my position,” he said. “Being able to talk to someone that don’t have an agenda, you know, listen to you and support your well-being.”

Later in the interview, hosts Ebro and Peter Rosenberg brought up how he was “exiled” from the NFL due to baggage in his personal life, ranging from sexual assault cases, to other legal troubles, Brown claimed that, that stuff shouldn’t matter because when he’s on the field, he’s a beast, as he claimed the NFL was “hating.”

“Ain’t no baggage,” he said. “You put me on the field you get touchdowns, you get points, you win. You get fans.”

As for the Patriots cutting him, Brown said, “That’s they loss. They couldn’t throw the ball. They should have kept the kid, so they could the ball out. They couldn’t never throw the ball.”

“They ain’t wanna see me get off,” he continued. “They ain’t want to see me be great. They rather let me go, than be great.”

But when it comes to his status in the NFL, Brown understands the opportunity may never come if he feels the NFL doesn’t need him.

“I wanted them to need me there,” he said. “Wanted and needs is like two different things, you know, I want a lot of things, but I don’t need it.”

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