Antonio Brown Says Rape Accuser Is Hiding From In-Person Live Deposition, Britney Taylor’s Lawyer Says Client Wants To Stay Safe Amid Coronavirus

Antonio Brown claims the woman who accused him of rape is in hiding to avoid giving a live deposition.

#BritneyTaylor accused Brown of sexually assaulting her twice in June 2017 and says Brown raped her at his Florida home in May 2018. In new court documents, Brown’s attorneys have been trying to get Taylor to sit down for a live deposition and question her about the allegations she made against Brown. TMZ reports that Brown claims that because he and his legal team have yet to meet with Taylor that the former collegiate gymnast is “hiding.”

But Taylor’s attorneys say their client isn’t hiding. “It’s not that she’s hiding, it’s just that Florida’s a little infected [with coronavirus] right now.” Brown’s legal team feels that “the nature of” Taylor’s allegations “coupled with the fact that she has absolutely no corroboration for her claims mandate that a live deposition of Ms. Taylor be had.”

As a result, Brown’s legal team is requesting that Taylor be forced to appear physically for the deposition. Taylor’s team says the only reason that she hasn’t is because of the current coronavirus pandemic, TMZ reports. Taylor’s lawyer, David Haas says they are “just trying to keep her safe.” Brown’s motion has yet to be decided on by a judge, but Haas says he believes it will be denied.

Brown, 31, denies all accusations made against him. He countersued Taylor, claiming the woman defamed him.

Antonio Brown vs Police
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