Antonio Brown’s Family Members Speak Out On His Current State In The NFL: “All He Wants Is Another Chance To Write His Story And Play The Game He Loves”

After what’s been a rocky few years for Antonio Brown, who was recently cut from the New England Patriots amid reports of sexual assault against his female trainer Britney Taylor, the free agent realizes he needs to make changes going into 2020.

According to ESPN, the day of being released from the Patriots, Brown invited his father, Eddie Brown, former Arena Football League Offensive Specialist, over to his home, which generally meant there was something important to discuss.

Eddie SAID that it seems as though Brown came to his senses about the situations he had gotten himself in that were impacting his career as well as his personal life.

Being cut from the patriots left Brown devastated as the 31-year-old had loved everything about the organization from the culture, the professionalism, and the chance to impact Tom Brady’s final Super Bowl campaigns.

While Eddie is normally used to Antonio being stubborn and refusing to change- a trait of stubbornness that he received from his father- it seemed as though this time Antonio was eager to get his life back on track and regain everything he lost.

“Maybe I need to change what I’m doing,” Brown said to his father. Brown also revealed to his father that he sought out help from a therapist, a source confirmed to ESPN. However, it has not been revealed what kind of therapy nor the frequency of his treatment.

Speaking to ESPN in the first of a series of interviews, Eddie said, “He understands something may be going on, and he’s going to see about it. If there is or isn’t, he’ll find out. But he’s not sitting around doing nothing. … That come-to-Jesus moment came home.”

While many are familiar with Brown’s troubled past over the last two years, including his social media outbursts and sexual assault allegations, his teammates and family members say he is compassionate, kind, understanding, and beloved in a locker room. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Brown went from being the best receiver of the past decade in the NFL to a repeated troublemaker with the law, in danger of forfeiting $40 million and tarnishing his legacy forever.

“All he wants is another chance to write his story and play the game he loves,” Eddie said.

To read the full article with interviews from his family and friends, head to ESPN.

Antonio Brown family talks
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