Antonio Brown’s Paternity Case Includes Domestic Violence Connection

The paternity case between NFL Star Antonio Brown and his Ex, Chelsie Kyriss, can be taking a more serious turn as new information has surfaced, suggesting domestic violence allegations will be included in the ongoing dispute. However, no details can confirm whether Brown is the alleged assailant or not.

Brown has been battling in a paternity dispute with Kyriss since 2017 in Broward County, Florida. The two have three children together.

According to sources, the docket showed a new “related case” had been added to the record on December 26 and was listed as a domestic violence matter being handled in family court.

Unfortunately, the case is currently sealed, which means the essential details such as the people involved, are not being made public, so there’s no confirmation if the matter is related to Brown, Kyriss, or both.

As previously reported, Brown and Kyriss have had a turbulent relationship for years. In 2018, Brown accused of Kyriss of being a  neglectful mom and attempted to win sole custody of their kids. Most recently, Brown filed a lawsuit against Kyriss claiming she refuses to leave his home despite serving her with eviction papers.

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