AP Writer Barry Wilner Says This Might Be The End Of Antonio Brown’s Career In The NFL

A writer at Associated Press (AP) says it isn’t likely that #AntonioBrown will return to the NFL this year – or ever.

On Friday, news broke that New England Patriots’ wide receiver Antonio Brown was cut from the team amid sexual assault allegations. The claims stem from a lawsuit filed by former trainer #BritneyTaylor, who alleges that Brown sexually assaulted and raped her. This week, the NFL launched an investigation into the allegations, as well as others.

Soon after, the Patriots announced that they would be cutting ties with the player when it was revealed that Brown sent a series of threatening texts to one of his accusers. Brown had only been with the Patriots for two weeks after being released from the Oakland Raiders.

Despite already being cut, the NFL is continuing with its probe into other allegations against Brown. The seven-time Pro Baller is still technically a free agent and could be picked up for a team. But, AP writer #BarryWilner says that scenario probably won’t happen.

Wilner writes that even in the event that Brown is hypothetically proven innocent, teams are less likely to volunteer to have him on the team regardless of his talent. He mentions that not only are the string of allegations damaging, but his poor behavior and attitude aren’t the most appealing.

In addition to Taylor’s lawsuit, Brown is also being sued by a doctor for skipping out on a medical bill. Not to mention that during Brown’s procedure with the physician, Brown repeatedly farted in his face. Brown was also dropped from two helmet sponsorships as well as his sponsorship deal with Nike. Brown’s high-profile altercation with Oakland Raiders general manager #MikeMayock, in which he physically threatened and verbally abused Mayock, will also be a factor when Brown is considered for a team.


Antonio Brown Sued
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