Apple Investigating Viral Video Of iPhone 7 Plus Exploding

Apple Investigating Viral Video Of iPhone 7 Plus Exploding


When it comes to smartphones, brand loyalty is pretty serious — especially for iPhone users. Diehard fans of the blue text bubbles may have a hard time hearing this, but Apple is currently investigating ANOTHER instance of an iPhone 7 “blowing up.”

You may remember that back in October, an Australian man claimed that his iPhone 7 battery caught fire and destroyed his car; and now, a Tucson teenager has captured the demise of her iPhone 7 Plus.

According to Mashable, 18-year-old Brianna Olivas brought her phone to an Apple Store because it wouldn’t turn on. After running some tests, employees told her everything looked fine and the phone began performing normally again.

The next morning, Olivas’ boyfriend noticed the phone “steaming and squealing” while charging, which quickly turned to fire. He grabbed the phone and threw it in the bathroom, as more smoke continued to come out of it. That’s when he captured the video that has now been viewed over 1.26 million times.

Olivas has turned the phone over to Apple, who are investigating the explosion. A representative of the company has said, “We are in touch with the customer, and looking into it.”

Apple users all over the world are crossing their fingers that these were just two isolated incidents and not the start of another Samsung Galaxy Note7 fiasco.

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