Apple Might Skip Over The iPhone 13 Over Superstition

When the next iPhone arrives, it may not be the iPhone 13 as anticipated. According to a reliable tech source, we may see the next phone be given the “S” title.

It could be because the phone is slated only to have minor upgrades, which fit into the “S” category naming scheme. However, it could also be the negative connotation associated with the number 13 that causes Apple to deliver the 12S.

Jon Prosser said in Wednesday’s episode of his YouTube show Front Page Tech, “A couple of weeks ago, I was told that it was probably going to be called the iPhone 12s.”

“I was also told that we probably won’t ever get an iPhone 13,” Prosser added. According to the outlet, AppleTrack rates Prosser 79.2% accurate with his predictions.

However, Apple hasn’t shied away from using the number in the past. According to Cult of Mac, there was an iOS 13 and an iPadOS 13.


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