Apple To Develop Technology That Would Allow Multi-User Ability On iOS Devices

Apple is working on technology that would allow more than one person to use a single iOS device.

According to, the company is developing its Secure Enclave technology to allow users to share one iPhone or iPad with one user’s private information being accessible to another. 

Apple was given the patent ”Provision of domains in secure enclave to support multiple users,” which will specifically be used for creating a secure way to allow more than one user to use a device. The website reports that this could include iOS and Macs. Apple even refers to “both single-user mobile computing devices and multi-user laptop and desktop computing devices.” Mac currently already allows multiuser capabilities; the development will more so focus on iOS devices.

“A computing device can employ several passcodes and associated encryption keys, where multiple passcodes or encryptions keys may be associated with each different user account on the system,” says the patent.

“Before a user can obtain access to data stored on the computing device, the user may be required successfully authenticate via the login screen,” it continues. “However, it may still be possible to gain access to data stored on the computing system without knowledge of a username/password or passcode if the data is stored in an unencrypted manner.”

“A malicious attacker may be able to extract data directly from the memory,” continues the patent. “If the attacker has physical access to the computing system, the attacker can remove one or more storage devices from the system and access those devices via a different system.”

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