Apple VR Headset Concept Features High-Performance Virtual Reality; May Cost Over $1K

Apple may be up to something. Reports suggest that the tech company may be working on a high-end virtual reality (VR) headset.

The VR headset is not to be confused with the rumored Apple Glass—which is based on augmented reality (AR) technology. The VR is said to be more like the Oculus headset that entirely blocks the outside world, Screen Rant reported.

These devices were first made for military use for flight simulation, but by the 90s, VRs were introduced to the public in gaming arcades across the globe.

Older models were typically connected to personal computers and had limited features and low resolutions. On top of that, they were pretty pricey.

In 2012 Oculus launched its Rift VR headset, which garnered renewed interest in gaming. Major companies like Google, Samsung, Facebook, and HTC also showed interest.

Facebook eventually acquired the company, and HTC made a version of its own headset. Google then came along and launched a more affordable device called Cardboard because that’s what it was made from.

Apple decided to shake it up a bit by focusing more attention on AR devices. Well, that’s what many thought, but a report by Bloomberg suggests that the company did rid the idea of VR after all. Now sources have indicated that Apple may be in the process of making a high-end VR headset that will be way more expensive than its competitors’ product.

It’s said that the company’s device will not require a computer to operate it and will still offer stellar performance. Apple is also shooting for higher prices, possibly under 1,000—but maybe more than its Mac computers if it wants to go against tethered systems, which costs $999.

If the plan comes to fruition, it may be in 2022 we see it hit the market.

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