Apple Warns of Fake Update Targeting Users To Steal Money and Passwords

Apple Warns of Fake Browser Updates Targeting Users To Steal Money and Passwords

Tech experts have discovered a fake browser update aimed at Apple computers that introduces malware to steal passwords and financial information.

According to Bleeping Computer, The “ClearFake” scam, initially impacting Windows systems since July, has expanded to target Mac users.

Earlier this month, cyber threat expert Ankit Anubhav warned, “The #Clearfake campaign which is abusing binance blockchain is not limited to Windows #malware.”

The malicious phishing scheme deploys fake Chrome updates on compromised sites, infecting users with Atomic Stealer malware to steal passwords and sensitive files.

The system is highly sophisticated and capable of hacking data from over 50 cryptocurrency extensions and extracting keychain passwords.

According to the report, the acquired information can be exploited for extortion and identity theft. The malware is exceptionally cunning, disguising itself as updates for both Safari and Chrome.

Experts advise Mac users against downloading browser updates and pop-ups from third-party sites to avoid Atomic Stealer malware.

Tech experts emphasize that Safari browser updates are exclusively distributed through macOS software updates. They urge Apple users to enhance their security with the latest antivirus software.

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