Apryl Jones Opens Up About Relationships With Fizz And Omarion

Apryl Jones Opens Up About Relationships With Fizz And Omarion

Apryl Jones, the mother of singer Omarion‘s two children and now boo-thing of his bandmate Fizz, opened up about her relationships with both men to Nick Cannon.

While the focus is now on her relationship with Fizz, Apryl revealed that Omarion had practically abandoned the family they had created as a couple. She stated that he practically gave her the silent treatment for over a month and then asked for a ‘break.’

The Love & Hip-Hop reality star says that she didn’t even know the other members of B2K when she and Omarion were together. She claims that even though the internet would have you believe that her ex is “unbothered”,  O has been unreasonably angry with her since their breakup in 2016.

Jones contends that her relationship with Fizz evolved from a friendship during their initial season on “Love & Hip Hop” and that the members of B2K are not as close as they appear.

“People just have this perception that this boy band that they were like a ‘brotherhood’ and ‘best friends… and you also have to remember that the entertainment industry has PR that is very good at their job which is making certain things look like great branding.”

Apryl revealed that Omarion never spoke to her about B2K and she didn’t know the other members personally during their entire 4-year relationship.

According to Jones, Omarion is now fighting her in court over custody issues she says could be resolved amicably. The two are not communicating with one another and claim that O is hitting her in the pockets.

The reality star says that her ex has gone as far as lying about his income intentionally so that he only has to pay $700 a month in child support for their kids. She also alleges that the singer claimed she worked for his company to the IRS, a claim Jones is adamant is untrue and is just a tactic to get her to pay taxes on the money she does receive from him.

While Apryl is still trying to figure out this co-parenting thing with her ex, she has moved on and is focusing on her new relationship with Fizz.

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  1. I thought you left him? And now you saying that Omarion wanted a break. Apryl, it’s okay that you are with Fizz. But when you talk bad about Omarion we see something different. Just move on with your life and stop trying to defame Omarion’s character. Then people think you are out for revenge. You said the other day that Omarion is mean to you. Look what you have been saying about in the public eye. We don’t see him being mean to you.

    And child support of $700 is more than enough to take care of two small children. He shouldn’t have to help you take care of Fizz.

    You should have never talked about your children’s father the way you did to the public.

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