Mystery Woman Revealed: Dr. Dre And Apryl Jones Seen Out For Romantic Dinner

Mystery Woman Revealed: Dr. Dre And Apryl Jones Seen Out For Romantic Dinner

Photos are surfacing of Dr. Dre escorting Apryl Jones, also known as the mother to Omarion’s kids, to a romantic dinner at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood. Unfortunately for them, the paparazzi moves quickly, and they were able to get photos of the couple arriving and leaving the restaurant.

It was recently revealed that hip hop legend Dr. Dre had a mystery woman and alleged child for whom he bought a house.

Dre’s estranged wife Nicole Young wants to investigate three of Dre’s former girlfriends’ financial records to assess how much money he spent on them when he was married to her.

Nicole says that in 2019, one of the women purchased a $2.15 million house with cash, and she wants to know whether Dre provided the cash. In documents obtained by TMZ, Nicole argues that the mystery women’s lawyer is seeking to postpone their depositions until a judge agrees on her prenup’s fairness.

Now, I don’t remember Apryl Jones ever having a third child, so she can’t be the mystery woman, maybe she is just having some fun, and the rumor just isn’t true?





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  1. She has a boy and a girl with Omarion and she was suppose to be pregnant by Fizz last year. Maybe Fizz wasn’t the father.

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